Relocating pets to China is a detailed process and consists of many requirements.In general you must have proof of rabies vaccination for your pet, provide an International Health Certificate, make sure to check with your intended airline for additional requirements, and be prepared to have your pet quarantined upon arrival. You also must register your pet with the local police of your place of residence within one month of arrival.

Quarantine depends on the port of entry. One pet per passport is allowed to enter the country with their guardian in most Chinese cities. Please contact us or the local authorities for the most current quarantine rules.

General Information

China has one of the world's oldest and continuous civilizations, consisting of states and cultures.China ranges from mostly plateaus and mountains in the west to lower lands in the east. Principal rivers flow from west to east, including the Yangtze (central), the Huang He (Yellow river, north-central), and the Amur (northeast), and sometimes toward the south (including the Pearl River, Mekong River, and Brahmaputra), with most Chinese rivers emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

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