France is not a quarantine country, and, as a consequence does not require an animal to be quarantined for any length of time. You may bring up to 3 dogs or cats (but only one puppy or kitten from 3-6 months old) into France. Larger animals are subject to special regulations.

Some of the present requirements for bringing a pet into France are:

Rabies vaccination certificate (dating between one month and one year).

A health certificate from the departing country dated no more than 5 days before entry into France.

France regulation requires pet identification to be tattooed or micro-chipped.

A registered vet must sign both certificates. Talk with your own vet concerning the latest requirements - he might probably issue the papers too.

Once here your French vet will establish a health record booklet called a Livret International de Santé. He will update any vaccinations necessary to French and UK regulation upon your request.

Things work slightly differently returning with a pet to the UK. as you will need to get an official export certificate under the government’s Pets Travel Scheme in which your pet is issued with a pet passport (PETS).

As a general guideline your pet must be micro-chipped by a government-authorised vet (LVI) who will also give it a rabies vaccination and a blood test six months later to check it is protected against the disease. You will need a renewal certificate after each booster injection as well as verification that it has been treated against ticks and tapeworm 24 and 48 hours before your pet is checked in to travel.

General Information

France is a country located in Western Europe, with several overseas islands and territories located on other continents.

France is the largest country in the European Union and the second largest in Europe behind Ukraine (always the first if we include its extra-european territories (like Guadeloupe) to the Metropole). France has been a major power for many centuries with strong economic, cultural, military and political influence.

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