Same formalities as for France (except, that cats and dogs cannot enter if younger than 4 months); requirements also apply to animals from or bound for Metropolitan France.

However, pets bound for the Dutch part of St. Martin (St. Maarten) must comply with the regulations of the Netherlands Antilles, except pets accompanied by passengers arriving on Air Guadeloupe directly at Esperance, St. Martin, French part.

PROHIBITED: - import into Guadeloupe of animals and food of animal origin from Haiti.

General Information

Guadeloupe is an archipelago located in the eastern Caribbean Sea with a land area of 1,628 square kilometres (629 sq. mi). It is an overseas department of France. Light industry features sugar and rum, solar energy, and many industrial productions. Most manufactured goods and fuel are imported. Unemployment is especially high among the youth. Hurricanes periodically devastate the economy.

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