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General Company Policies & Procedures

For the safety of all of our clients and their pets we require you to familiarize yourself with our company policies and procedures and read through the information before contracting us for any service.

We are not responsible for services executed through third parties. We are not responsible for airline, weather delays, or for additional charges incurred thereby.

1. Payment/Refunds/Cancellations

A nonrefundable deposit is required with signing of a contract. Cancellations made any time prior to shipment will result in forfeiture of deposit and all incurred costs up to that point.

We accept credit cards, cash, cashiers checks, money orders, and bank wire transfers. To contract our services, payment in full is required 15 days PRIOR to the reserved shipment date.

Accuracy of Information

The size of the shipping container, the weight of your pet and the selection of airport are all variables that factor into the cost of transportation. Misinformation can lead to inaccurate quotes.

2. Airline Policies

Controlled by the FAA, the airlines have common regulations and rules adhering to all carriers. Beyond that each airline can impose its own restrictions. Some airlines refuse ship certain breeds of dogs.

3. Delays and Cancellations

Extremes in temperatures and mechanical problems can cause delays and cancellations. These events are beyond our control. Additional trips to the airport or extended boarding can increase the cost of your shipment. These are unpredictable factors and the cost that they incur is not reflected on the original estimate, and is the responsibility of the pet owner.

4. Import/Export Requirements

Import/export requirements vary by country. This can be as simple as obtaining a USDA health certificate, or as difficult as obtaining lab work prior to travel. Some countries require lengthy quarantines, which need to be prearranged.

5. Tranquilized Pets

We absolutely DO NOT ship pets that have been tranquilized. According to the AVMA air transportation of sedated pets may be fatal.

6. Pet Moving - Tax Deductible

Your pet moving expenses may be tax deductible. Consult you tax adviser for more information.

7. Our Price Quotes

Our quotes are estimates only. Any additional charges incurred will be the pet ownerís responsibility.

Each move is unique, needs differ, and rules and regulations regarding pet transportation change daily. On that note, these are a few more elements that can affect our ability to, and the cost of, shipping your pet.

Factors to consider:

  • Accuracy of information provided
  • Airline policies
  • Delays caused by weather and equipment
  • Government policies ®ulations
  • Import/export requirements
  • Tranquillized pets
  • Move may be tax deductible

8. Liability and Responsibility

Even though Life Unleashed considers a great number of details when planning your petís move, circumstances may arise that are beyond our control. We cannot guarantee against illness, injury, death or even escape at any time. We reserve the right to seek veterinary attention, with our choice or such veterinarian services, as well as the extent of medical services which may be reasonably necessary under the circumstances, thus being left to the discretion of Life Unleashed staff or agents. Any veterinary service required will be 100% at the pet guardiantís expense, regardless of the nature of the services performed. Once your pet is delivered and left in possession of the airlines, we have no further control and assume no further responsibility.

The USDA requires that all animals must be able to stand up, lie down, sit, and turn around in their travel crate with ease. Attached food and water cups are also required. Life Unleashed reserves the right to modify travel crates that do not meet USDA standards and/or the airlines. Shippers will be responsible for additional cost related to required modifications to insure the safety of your pet.

Weather conditions and airline technical problems, or other unforeseen circumstances my delay your petís flight and travel schedule. You, as the pet guardian, are responsible for any additional cost related to any delay such as boarding etc.

The shipper agrees and accepts that carriers, transporters and Life Unleashed (Epic Dogz, Inc.) will not be held liable for any loss, damage, or expense arising from death due to natural causes, or death or injury of any animal caused by conduct or acts of the live animal itself or other animals. The carrier will not be liable for death, injury or loss to an animal attendant caused or contributed to or by the condition, conduct, or act of animals. Life Unleashed and all attendants will not be liable for death, injury, or loss caused or contributed to by the conditions, or nature of the animal itself.

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